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Confused about sun cream?

The sun is finally shining across the UK, hip hip hooray! But do you know what you need from your sun cream to keep your skin truly protected?

An SPF doesn’t mean protection from all sun damage, just against UVB rays (the chief cause of sunburn and a key player in the C word). The higher the SPF, the longer you are protected for, but there are also UVA rays (the dominant tanning and skin ageing ray) to consider.

Make sure the sun cream you’re using has protection against both. With this selection, you can have all the fun in the sun and stay properly protected.

1. Ultrasun Family SPF30 – 150ml – £24

2. Phytomer Protective Sunscreen For Face & Sensitive Areas SPF30 – 50ml – £28.50

3. Nuxe Sun Delicious Cream for Face SPF30 – 50ml – £17

4. Murad Water Resistant Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30 PA+++ – 125ml – £29

5. Comfort Zone Sun Soul Face & Body Cream SPF50 – 150ml – £30

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