After what seems like forever, the long-awaited festival season is finally here. Before you get out your wellies, braid your hair or glitter your cheeks, make sure your beauty kit is up to scratch with these five festival essentials.

#1 Compact Styler – Tangle Teezer


Avoid knotted hair with the Compact Styler from Tangle Teezer. The British brand, who revolutionised the hairbrush industry, have released the perfect festival companion, the Compact Styler. The lightweight, mini version of the brush is perfect to use on-the-go and features a removable cover which prevents the flexi teeth from damage as you carry it around. Small enough, durable enough and pretty enough to make the ultimate festival haircare essential.

#2 Kiss Kiss Roselip – Guerlain

Keep your lips hydrated and full of colour with the Guerlain KissKiss Tinted Lip Balm. Available in six different shades, this plumping lip balm is infused with essential oil of rose making it super hydrating. With shades ranging from natural pinks, to deep violets, there’s a shade to suit everybody.

#3 Coverstik Concealer – Covermark

As foundation is the last thing on anyone’s mind at a festival, keep your blemishes and dark spots covered with the Coverstik concealer from Covermark. Mix with a little moisturiser or Beauty Flash Balm to hide dark spots under eyes, or use alone and directly on to any darker or more troublesome blemishes.

#4 Perfume Atomiser – Travalo

With shower queues longer than the queue for the headliner and your only keep-clean facilities being babywipes, deodorant and whatever rain you may be cursed with, keeping clean at a festival is a seriously hard task. And although we’d all love to bring a bottle of our favourite perfume, it’s heavy, breakable and expensive. That’s where the Travalo Atomiser comes in. This tiny, pocket-sized atomiser can be filled up using your regular perfume by simply removing the cap and pumping the atomiser until it’s full. This shatterproof, leakproof necessity will fit just about anywhere, and with two in a pack, you can take one for a friend.

#5 Beauty Flash Balm – Clarins

Described within the industry as ‘Cinderella in a tube’ Beauty Flash Balm is a Clarins best seller destined for festival use. Part moisturiser, part instant skin fix, this product is the perfect pick-me-up for tired skin. To freshen, brighten and make skin radiant, use Beauty Flash Balm first thing in the morning to leave your skin glowing all day.