After a wonderful Christmas break and a hard-going January, we’re finally in to February and Spring is fast approaching. This is the perfect time to throw out old clothes you don’t wear anymore, scoop up the Christmas decorations that haven’t yet made their way to the loft and most importantly, to give your skin the attention it needs by giving it a thorough spring clean.

Step 1 : Cleanse


To start the process, simply massage Gatineau’s Refreshing Cleansing Cream on to your damp skin, adding water as necessary. Then rinse the product off and wipe away any excess with the Double Sided Cleansing Cloth. At this stage the dampened cloth is best used on its smooth side. This spring essential is very concentrated so it lasts really well, especially considering its large 250ml size.

Step 2 : Exfoliate


The Radiance Enhancing Gommage is a pearlised gel which liquefies when massaged in to the skin. Unlike most other exfoliators, there are no harsh beads so it feels like a much gentler exfoliation which would be particularly beneficial to sensitive skin. Leave the product on for 1-2 minutes and rinse off with water using the rough side of the Double Sided Cleansing Cloth. After use, skin feels refreshed, radiant and clean.

Step 3 : Hydrate


Now that your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, it’s important to rehydrate with serums and moisturisers. As everyone’s skin is different it’s important you’re using the right one for you. If you’re battling with dull and dry winter skin, opt for a thick and hydrating cream like the High Hydration Cream Mask. Or if your skin is more on the oily side, try a lighter moisturiser or serum to avoid excess oil production.

Step 4 : Glow


Using these gorgeously-scented products will remove any dead skin and impurities, revealing fresh, new skin underneath, ready to be treated with your favourite moisturising products. Skin will feel radiant and hydrated, and leave you glowing throughout Spring.

Each of the products listed above are for sale individually, or if you’d prefer your own Spring Clean Cleansing Kit complete with a drawstring bag ideal for travel, then you can purchase the entire collection for £40 on the Salon Skincare website.