Take a look at Ella’s top tips for office beauty.

In need of some tips to help your skin and make-up stay at its optimum, from the crack of dawn until those post-work drinks? I asked some of my nearest and dearest office friends to share their office beauty secrets and reveal how they stay looking polished all day long.

Tip no. 1 # Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Whether your office has central-heating or air-conditioning, your face, lips and hands dry out quickly. Keep a facial mist, lip balm and hand cream on your desk and apply throughout the day. Not only will this keep your skin hydrated and moisturised, but it can be a great way to de-stress.

Tip no.2 # Go natural during the day. You don’t need to pile on make-up during the day, save it for the evening for a dramatic change! If you know you want to do a smoky eye for your night out, then wear minimal eye make-up (or none) during the day so you aren’t applying new make-up onto the old.

Tip no.3 # Use a finely-milled powder. Face powder helps set make-up and a good quality one won’t accentuate any dry areas or look chalky. Re-apply once at lunchtime and then after work if you’re heading out. Even the act of swirling a brush on your make-up can freshen it up!

Tip no.4 # Keep a compact make-up bag with you just in case someone arranges something last-minute and you don’t want to miss out. Keeping a few essentials close by to amp up your make-up look will leave you feeling fresher; a long-lasting cream eyeshadow, face powder, highlighter, a bright lipstick and a sample perfume so you smell amazing too.

Tip no.5 # The easiest tip of all is to drink more water! Everyone knows drinking water helps your skin look more healthy and radiant; the perfect pick-me-up if after work activities involve an alcoholic beverage or two. See who can drink the most water in a day and incentivise it with a fabulous prize.

I hope you find some of these tricks useful if you work in an office. What are your office beauty hacks?