Our Blogger of the Month, Ella Ryder, shares her 8 Facts About Make-up.


We all like to dabble when it comes to make-up, whether it’s on a daily basis, for a special occasion, or even for a bit of fun. It has become somewhat of a staple of our lives. Here are some facts and top tips for you to make the most of that gorgeous face of yours!

  1. Less is more – Always start with the minimum amount of make-up you think you need. That way you can build up a look gradually without overdoing it and having to start again.
  2. Different colours suit different people – Just because your bronzed friend suits mint green eyeshadow, it doesn’t mean you will. Learn what colours suit your complexion.
  3. You’re probably using more foundation than you need to – It can be tempting to slap on a lot of foundation when your skin isn’t looking its best. If you concentrate on any blemishes or imperfections first, then take a step back to see how it looks, you’ll be surprised at how little you need to wear. You don’t have to hide behind layers and layers.
  4. Red lipstick is a timeless, sexy classic – You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip! They make a sophisticated yet daring statement, day or night. Find the right shade for you and you’ll be looking hot hot hot.
  5. Use make-up to enhance your beauty, not mask it – Play up your favourite features rather than trying to change your face with make-up.
  6. A lot of women feel ‘naked’ without mascara on – One minute we don’t have eyes and the next we do. It’s rather amazing (and strange) to see the difference coating little hairs around our eyes can make! Unless you are blessed with naturally dark, thick lashes… In which case we can’t be friends!
  7. Bronzer always ends up in places other than ‘where the sun would naturally hit’ – We all start off with good ‘sun-kissed look’ intentions, but when push comes to shove it’s a rule that often gets ignored.
  8. Applying liquid liner neatly should count as a CV skill – Seriously, it’s hard work!
Wearing make-up can be a great confidence boost, making you feel ready to take on the world. But never forget that you’re just as beautiful without!