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August 2015

Top 6 Beauty Picks

Salon Skincare’s Beauty Director, Ellena, shares her skincare and beauty must-haves.

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold – 100ml – £33.50
    Excitement overwhelms me when it’s ‘Liquid Gold Day’! It gently exfoliates with a tingly feeling, so you know it’s working. Skin is visibly clear, tight and bright by morning. I use it every other night and follow with a moisturiser, but for more intensity, try leaving it to work its magic on its own.
  2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir – 30ml – £11.50
    This is an everyday essential. It’s great as a post-cleanse pore tightener, for setting make-up or as a general hydration pick-me-up in the office or on your travels. It’s especially good the morning after a few glasses of Prosecco! It smooth’s the skin and gives you an instant glow. It also has a yummy delicate and fresh fragrance.
  3. NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12% – 30ml – £20
    This is a product for the beauty curious. You may be sceptical, but it really works! It contains light reflecting prisms and hue correctors to provide instant smooth radiance, especially in front of the camera.  A few drops blended into your moisturiser or foundation and you’ll be looking lens-luminous.
  4. AmazingCosmetics® AmazingConcealer® – £15ml – £29.50
    It has been dubbed ‘The World’s Best Concealer’ and a ‘The Magic Eraser’ and I agree. I’ve tried a lot in my pursuit of a blemish banisher (dastardly things) and this is the best. You don’t need a lot to get flawless coverage and you can build it up as much as you like. If it’s good enough for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…
  5. Elemis Tan Accelerator – 125ml – £23
    I love having a tan and I’m not the only one. This accelerator not only enhances your natural tanning ability by boosting melanin production, but it prolongs your tan. It leaves your skin really soft with a subtle gold shimmer finish. Be careful when opening it though, it comes racing out! (PS you’ll need to use a sun protector as it doesn’t contain an SPF).
  6. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment – 30ml – £12.95
    I’ve gone pretty nuts for this treatment (pun most definitely intended). My hair tends to get quite dry at the ends and this healing oil is an absolute saviour. It instantly improves the hairs texture, leaving it feeling soft and looking shiny. It smells absolutely delicious too. It’s quite easy to use too much so be frugal, it goes a long way!

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Are you making these 8 skincare mistakes?

Are you and your skin on bad terms? Then you’re probably making these naughty skincare mistakes. The answer to winning back your skin’s affection is to treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. How many of you are guilty of one (or more) of these…

1. Not washing your hands before washing your face. You wouldn’t clean a plate with a dirty cloth, so why would you clean your face with dirty hands?! In fact in some cases, there are the same amount of germs on your hands as there are in a dirty toilet bowl. Still going to touch your face without washing your hands?

2. Rubbing your face dry. Your skin is delicate, especially on your face. Patting your face dry as opposed to rubbing it not only leaves moisture on your skin instead of completely drying it out, but it prevents any unnecessary irritation and loss of elasticity.

3. Leaving your make-up on when going to bed. Make-up traps dirt and oil and holds on to those damaging environmental free radicals we’re exposed to every day. This means there is a breakdown of natural collagen (causing fine lines) and your pores get clogged (causing imperfections). It ultimately impedes on your skin’s natural regeneration which happens whilst you sleep.

4. Never exfoliating. Regular exfoliation (once or twice a week depending on your skin type) improves the results of your skincare routine. It eradicates dead skin cells to smooth and refine the skin’s texture, it dislodges dirt that is deep in your pores and it increases stimulation, enhancing blood flow to the face. It allows moisture to be readily absorbed, keeping those fine lines at bay.

woman-girl-beauty-mask-large5. Neglecting your neck. Overlooking your neck is very common when cleansing. There are plenty of women who have beautifully healthy and youthful faces, but when your eyes dart a little further south, their necks tell a different story. Your neck is a tell-tale sign of ageing, so make sure your cleanser makes that move.

6. Not using a broad spectrum sun protector everyday. UV rays are present come rain, cloud or shine. They are major players in premature skin ageing, so it’s important to stay protected every day, all year round.

7. Not drinking enough water. Skin is an organ made up of cells; cells are made up of water. We lose water everyday, so if your skin isn’t getting sufficient water replenishment, the lack of hydration can create dry, less resilient skin as well as those unwanted wrinkles.

8. Thinking it’s too soon to use anti-ageing products. It’s never too early to start using products with anti-ageing benefits. Whether it’s a firming eye cream here or a youth serum there, it all aids the skin in looking younger for longer. Ageing is a natural thing, but ageing gracefully is something you can have an input in.

Just remember, the best cosmetic you can wear is healthy skin!

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